Get Work Done Faster By Using the Best PC Windows Speedup Tools

In the current digitalized world, we tend to rely on computers to carry out most daily chores, from ordering food online to shopping on e-commerce sites and working from home. It is important to make sure that your computer processing speed is upbeat to complete tasks fast and efficiently. Over time, accumulation of files in the operating system slows down the processor making it almost possible to get tasks done on time.

Luckily, advancement in technology has led to the development of PC window speedup tools that are engineered to boost the rate at which the PC functions. It is imperative to check the features, credibility, and functionalism of each tool before downloading it to avoid any inconveniences. Reviews from other people who have in the past used the tools can help you make an informed decision before hitting the download button.


Three Reasons Why You Need Speedup Tools and Consequences of Not Using Them

Reason 1: Saves Time and Money

To most people, the only solution to a slow computer that takes hours to complete simple tasks or fails to launch software as fast as it should is purchasing a brand new one. A speedup or tune-up tool can help you save money that you would have spent on a new computer by checking all the computer drivers and rectifying the underlying causes of the slow performance. The best tune-up tools are quick and can work in the background without interrupting other activities that you may be carrying out on your computer.

If you do not use then, you will end up spending thousands of dollars on a new computer. Save the money for other equally important financial obligations.

Reason 2: Enhance Privacy and Security

Cyber criminals have come up with ingenious ways of using new technologies to install malicious software on computers without arousing any attention. Reports indicate that companies and organizations lose millions of dollars per year to ransomware. An innocent click on a website can result in a multitude of adware and spyware being installed on your computer discreetly. Such malware can compromise your privacy and security not to mention cause loss of important computer files.

You can protect yourself from all these challenges by using a PC Windows speedup tool. Apart from checking the drives for junk files and other issues that need to be resolved to increase performance, the tools come with additional privacy and security features that you can use to detect and delete malware from the system.

Reason 3: Enhance Durability of the Computer

Unknown to most people is that the durability of a computer can be enhanced through proper maintenance of the hard drive. It is not possible to address all issues without using a robust program since most of the processes require a unique set of IT skills and expertise.

Luckily, you do not need to undertake an IT cause to maintain the hard drive. A reliable speedup tool will check it for you and rectify all underlying issues thereby enhancing the durability of your computer outright. All you will need to do is confirm that certain actions such as deletion of junk files and registry repair actions.


3 Valuable PC Speedup Skills That You Should Master

#1 Reduce the Number of Startup Processes

Many programs install side processes that are set to run automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Some of these processes do not have a significant impact on the computer’s functionalism.

One of the easiest ways of knowing all the programs that run when the computer starts up is by accessing the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc buttons on your keyboard. Scroll to the Startup tab to see all the programs that load at startup and disable those that should not be on the list. For example, if you never use Skype, you can disable it here.

#2 Get Rid of Junk Files and Unnecessary Programs

Most of the computers come with preinstalled software which sometimes displays annoying and irrelevant pop-ups. If you are using Windows 10, click on the “Start Button” then on “All apps” tab located at the bottom to view all the programs installed on your computer. Uninstall any programs that you no longer use to not only speed up your computer but also free up space on the hard drive.

If you are using other computer operating systems such as Windows 7, access the control panel to see all the programs installed, choose those that does not add value to the computer, and uninstall them. Note that you can only remove the unwanted program one at a time, so set at least one hour or so for this task.

#3 Automate Program Updates

Regular notifications to update software can be annoying especially when you are trying to complete an urgent project. It is easy to click on the “remind me later” option to avoid these notifications altogether, but that is a temporary solution since you will soon have to spend hours update all the programs. One of the easiest ways of jumping this hurdle is by clicking on My Computer>Properties> then select Download and Install Automatic updates automatically. Doing so will ensure that all your programs are up-to-date and operating at top speeds.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Windows Speedup Tools

Tip 1: Compatibility with the Operating System

Some tune-up tools are only designed to work with particular Windows operating system. For instance, speedup application that is only compatible with Windows 10 cannot function with Windows 8. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to check if your preferred tool is compatible with the current operating system on your computer. However, most of the companies have worked smart to make their products compatible with at least three operating systems so finding one that suits you best will not be a major problem.

Tip 2: Features and Capabilities

Different Windows speedup tools have different features and capacities. For instance, you may find a tool that can resolve issues related to hard drive fragmentation but cannot generate a report of programs that need to be updated. Therefore, it is important to check the specifications, features, and capabilities of every speedup tool on your list before making your final decision to avert inconveniences down the road. Request for clarification from the support team if you are unsure about any of the features enumerated on the product page before placing your order.

Tip 3: Usability and Customer Support

The best Windows Speedup tools have a user-friendly interface that allows users to access and benefit from the various features that they offer. Check if the interface is user-friendly to avert challenges when using the tool. It is also recommended to test the availability of the support team and the quality of customer care services rendered. You should be able to get a response to questions that you might have regarding the tool in at least six hours. Most of the companies that sell these tools have a live chat feature on their websites that you can leverage to talk with one of their customer care representatives in real time.

Tip 4: Security and Privacy

Choose a speedup tool that has a robust firewall that cannot be infiltrated by viruses and malware. Remember the tool will have access to all your computer files, so if it is compromised by malware, your confidentiality will also be adversely affected.

Tip 5: Cost and Licensing

Compare and contrast the prices to find one that best fits your budget. However, this factor should not be considered solely, take into consideration the features offered to know if the tool is worth the price. Also, check if you can install the software on more than one computer to save money that would have being spent purchase a program for each of the computers.


Top 5 Windows Speedup Tools in the Market

Number 1# CCleaner Professional Plus

CCleaner Professional Plus is one of the most efficient and trusted tune-up tools in the market. The main positive reviews that it has garnered since its inception is clear proof that it delivers on its promises. It has a collection of system enhancing features such as a drive wiping tool that gets rid of unnecessary files. It also comes with privacy protection tools that are tailored to protect your personal information from being netted by cyber criminals as well as real-time system monitoring feature that you can use to know the health status of your computer.

The free version offers basic features that may not suffice. Based on this fact, it is recommended to go for the premium version to enjoy all the features. CCleaner is a lightweight application that downloads and installs in less than five minutes. The developers worked smart to create a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. All the tools that you need to speed up your computer such as the registry cleaner are listed on the left side column. It is also important to point out that this tune-up program is compatible with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 8, 7, 10, XP and Vista operating systems.

Get CCleaner Professional Plus

Number 2# IoIo System Mechanic

If your computer has of late become lazy and does not load or boot applications at the same speed as it used, consider downloading IoIo System Mechanic tune-up tool. This tool will enhance the performance of your system by defragging the hard drive, revamping the RAM and CPU usage in real time, check and repair Windows registry, and much more. Unlike CCleaner, you can install this program on more than one computer thereby saving you money that you would have spent purchase a different program for each computer in your house or office.

The user-interface is carefully subdivided to help you access all the tools quickly. It also comes with a number of privacy tools that are specifically tailored for Windows 10 users. These privacy tools are adapted to prevent Microsoft from accessing your personal data such as browsing history and program usage.

Get IoIo System Mechanic

Number 3# UniBlue PC Mechanic

UniBlue PC Mechanic is the ultimate solution to all your PC processing speed issues. The one-click system scan will deeply check all the files in your computer drives and give you a comprehensive report of the things that need to be fixed. For instance, it will highlight all the program drivers that need to be update, optimize the performance of the hard drive, speed up software launching processes and the list continues.

The developers have also gone an extra mile to offer informative tutorials that will guide you through the entire process of cleaning the PC. It also comes with a set of diagnostic tools such as system analyzer, driver statistic tool, and system information tool.

Get UniBlue PC Mechanic

Number 4# MacPaw CleanMyPC

MacPaw CleanMyPC is another excellent tune-up utility that will correct issues that could be slowing down your computer such junk files and registry issues. The latest version not only speeds up the computer by also offer additional features that you can use to completely uninstall programs that you no longer use as well as regain full control of plug-ins and browser extensions. At the moment, it is only compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7.

The interface is attractive and clearly articulated to give you quick access to all the tools that it offers such as registry maintenance, uninstaller, hibernation, autorun, privacy, and extension tools. The only con about this tool is that it does not provide much information about the files that it recommends for deletion.

Get MacPaw CleanMyPC

Number 5# IOBit Advanced SystemCare

IOBit Advanced SystemCare can save you thousands of dollars that you would have spent on a new computer by helping you address minor and major issues with your current computer. It offers everything that you need to repair the system as well as additional features such as real-time optimization, deep Windows Registry cleaner, and an array of security tools that will safeguard the computer from worms, viruses, Trojans, and other threats.


It is compatible with Windows 7,8,10 XP operating systems and it takes a few minutes to download and install it. By downloading it, you will get a clear picture of RAM usage, Disk, Network, and CPU. It also comes with shortcut icons that you can click on to run a system scan or power down your PC in seconds.

Avoid working with a computer that completes tasks at a snail-speed by purchasing any of the above Windows Speedup tools. Be sure to study the features that each of them offers to get maximum utility and most bang for buck.

Get IOBit Advanced SystemCare Staff

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